The annual LibreOffice conference will be held in Berlin this year. The organizer team expect a lot of proposals for talks and workshops for this event. Thus I looked around for a tool to manage this proposals with a team and make a interesting conference program out of them, but I couldn't find a tool that is adapted to our needs and easy to handle. I found in the last week an example of such a conference tool, created as an add-on for Plone. I tried this example out and started to migrate it to an full usable version. I had to rewrite some parts of the add-on and get it to work with a different structure. I have created the following "objects" now:
  • a speaker or a leader of a workshop with space for some information about himself;
  • the program folder (contains some tracks, it has a title and a summary and not mandatory a longer description);
  • track (contains information about his topic);
  • talk (with a speaker and title and description);
  • workshop (with a leader and title and description).
I will continue work on that and look for some feadback from the vibrant LibreOffice community.
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'LibreOffice Conference Management Tool'