The upcomming release of, version 3.3 contains two new options for the PDF export. This options are: AllowDuplicateFieldNames and EmbedStandardFonts. They are both from type boolean. The second option embed the fonts into the PDF file. The other option allow duplicated field names in forms.
You can download this new version of OOoPDFConverter from the Sourceforge website: or with this direct link. If you want to know something about the available options of OOoPDFConverter you can visit the website
OOoPDFConverter works in a terminal on Windows, Solaris, Linux and MacOS (there with a special java option: see my blog post

You can post your experience and use cases of OOoPDFConverter into one of the forums on You can also post and discuss ideas about new features there, which you want to see in OOoPDFConverter.
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'OOoPDFConverter: new options for OOo 3.3'