Last weekend I set up a local installation of the current Joomla CMS, that we use to manage the website of our association Deutschland e.V. I used this local installation to check, if an upgrade to the current version 1.5.9 of Joomla works.
I had to use a special migration component, because there are some significant changes of the database structure. I installed this component inside the old Joomla instance and ran the migration script. At the end I exported the converted mysql database.
Next I created a new empty database inside my mysql instance, installed Joomla 1.5.9 and connected it to the new database. Then I installed inside the new Joomla instance a migration assistant and imported the converted database.
Next I installed some additional components and plugins and activated some components. Now every thing works on my laptop as expected.
Now we can setup a new instance in the wild and try to migrate the site of Deutschland e.V.
I think we will manage this within a week.
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'Joomla of the association OOoDeV needs an upgrade'