In the last days I installed OpenSolaris 10 inside VirtualBox. The Host-OS is openSuSE 11.0-x64.

I run into some trouble with OpenSolaris10-2008.05 inside the virtual machine because the package update won't work. So I fetched a newer ISO of OpenSolaris and tried again. Now it works good.

Yesterday I installed 3.0 RC2 inside this virtual machine. First I I downloaded the package for Solaris from a mirror. Then I used the following command to extract the package:
gunzip -c OOo*.tar.gz | tar -xf -
(found in the installation guide).
Next I tried to install with the command described in the installation guide but that didn't work. Then I had a look inside the package directory and found a file "update". I used this executable inside a shell:
This starts the installation process. First I was informed how many packages could be updated. Then I had to answer the question, which packages I want to update. I answered: "all" and everything went fine.
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